Farm “BELLIPARIO S.r.l. operates in exporting of potatoes and vegetables from Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy.

The family-owned-farm  bears a long experience in the fruit and vegetable market and thanks to a recent building of a 2000-mq-plant with refrigerating rooms  is now able to satisfy the over growing demands from the European market

The farm is not only dedicated to selling, but it is also directly involved in producing with the highest standards of quality of its products.

Our products are worked soon after the harvest and after careful controls they are packaged to reach North Italy and the other European markets.

To us is very important the concept of productive thread, i.e. thecontrol of all stages of the production from the seed to the harvest, from the selection to the distribution of the products to the final vendors.

We do commerce only of products of our land that are grown by expert hands under the sun of Mediterranean.

Growing in plain land is constantly under the control of our agricultural agents to guarantee the highest control of quality available under the HACCP rules and the EU directives on food safety.